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The crisis: Latino visibility continues to decline in Hollywood.

Latinos represent 20% of the U.S population and the largest driving force of growth for America’s economy, however when it comes to representation in Hollywood, they are nearly invisible at merely 3%. Subsequently, the negative stereotypical portrayals of Latinos in media, have contributed to the current rhetoric that is putting this community at risk.

Why is this a Problem?

A Solution to the Crisis: LA Collab

A collective impact group of entertainment industry leaders and influencers that seeks to develop transformational collaboration between the creative community, studios, buyers and other organizations.

Our mission

To ignite a movement that inspires collaboration, accelerates Latino visibility and authentic representation in media, and drives exponential growth for the industry.

How we will work with you

We will be your one-stop shop to connect you to vetted Latino resources, top and emerging creators and talent. We will support your diversity, equity, and inclusion initiatives to ensure Latinos are represented in front-of and behind the camera, while you meet your business objectives.

LA Collab's Role

1. We connect creators with creators

2. We connect creators with Hollywood’s Industry Leaders

3. We connect the Latino creative community to our allies

LA Collab 2020 Priorities

  1. Launch LA Collab Officially on Jan 13th 2020.
  2. Effectively launch our first set of projects:
  1. Latino creators database. Facilitating your search for writers, producers, show runners, DP's, animators, directors and beyond.
  2. Latino short stories. A national competition to source U.S. Latino short stories and fuel IP from the Latino community.
  3. Latino creative match - phase 1. Consolidated showrunners and producers to be matched with Latino projects, talent and creators.
  4. Latino workforce pipeline. Partner with agencies and nonprofits to build a more inclusive workforce in the entertainment industry.
  5. LA Collab Pledge. Recruit as many entertainment industry leaders, studios, artists, creators and organizations to expand and realize our mission.
  6. LA Collab impact report. A summary of our collective activities and achievements by the end of 2020, along with quarterly progress newsletters.

LA Collab long term goal

Increase authentic Latino representation (in front and behind the camera) in the entertainment industry by 100% by 2030.

LA Collab Advising Committee

Special thanks to our pro bono professional supporters

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